SRDCC Life Member - S T Barsby



Sue's brother Stephen first played for the club in the Jim Boardman coached Under 18's in 1986. As all good families, Stephen's mother and father came along and watched their son play, together with daughter Susan. It was from this time forward, that Trevor Barsby not only had his eye on the cricket ball, his concentration was directed elsewhere. Trevor also played hockey, and he could not believe his luck when he also noticed Sue at the Redcliffe Hockey Club. It was from then on that things started to happen and Sue became a fixture at the cricket. As she was always watching cricket and Trevor's mother Lorna was working in the canteen, it did not take long for Sue to be invited to help. Sue joined the canteen sub-committee in the 1978/88 season and married Trevor in 1989.

She has given 23 years of continuous service to the club providing help in the canteen and fund raising for the club.


Not only does Sue serve in the canteen, she purchases all the stock after researching and finding the cheapest prices in town. Then packs all the stock and delivers them and stores everthing in the refrigerators, cold room and shelves in readiness for sale. (NOTE: The cold room was another asset that Sue acquired at the right price through her connections with hockey.)
She also arranges the canteen rosters and together with Deirdre hopefully finds senior canteen assistants for the afternoon which at times becomes very stressful. Other duties include:-

  • Banking and ensuring the float is in order
  • Cleaning the canteen area
  • Vacuuming the clubhouse
  • Cleaning dressing rooms and toilets (just remember when we leave the clubhouse, someone has to clean up the mess and that person is a volunteer). Lets make life easier for everyone and clean up before leaving.
  • Ensures Caps are ordered and ready for purchase
  • Clothing coordinator for a number of years.

Over the years, there has been increase in the number of days that the canteen facilities are required eg. Sundays - introduction of Over 40s, Sunday Legends, Twenty20 for 1st & 2nd Grades.

CARNIVALS: (Catering)

  • National Under 17 Carnivals on at least 4 occasions - Cricket Australia has had special mention in their reports that Sandgate-Redcliffe DCC is a friendly place to visit with fine food.
  • National Under 19 Championships - 3 occasions (another one to happen this season)
  • National Emerging Players Championships for the last 5 years
  • National Women's Under 17 Championship whereby SRDCC hosted the whole carnival in 2010.
  • South Australia v Otago
  • Hosting games required by the New Zealand squad for the last 3 years
  • Queensland v The Rest trial match (Allan Border return to Qld after retirement from Test duty)
  • State Under 15 Carnival (5 days) for two years in a row
  • Ansett Interstate Challenge 


  • Presentation of Trophy nights
  • Trivia Nights
  • Mouse racing nights and all other social events


  • Pie Drives
  • Lamington Drives
  • Street stalls in Brighton Road Sandgate
  • Raffles


  • New refrigeration
  • Stainless steel benches and tops in the canteen which is a health safety requirement
  • Stove, and all canteen white goods
  • Turf practice wickets and lighting
  • Synthetic practice wickets
  • Equipment such as the roller and help pay off lease of equipment costs
  • Coaching equipment


  • Sue played Women's cricket in 2nd Grade in 1997/98 together with some of her hockey team mates. She helped ensure that SRDCC had some strength in Women's cricket. She also had her famous cricket shot - the hockey swipe.
  • Took on the role of coaching junior team
  • Actively involved with In2Cricket / Have-A-Go junior cricket programs. As well as help prepae bbq's at the end of these sessions.


  • Her daughter Olivia was not that interested in playing cricket for many years and her ambition was to grow up and become a canteen lady
  • Her security guard qualities are good - as she actively polices the gate to ensure that no vehicles are blocking the entrance.

During all this time helping others and fitting in work as well, Sue is a mother and looks after the needs of her three children Corey, Jemma and Olivia, ensuring that they got to school and attended their sporting and social activities.