SRDCC Life Member - D M Dixon

At the 42nd Annual General Meeting, the Club made Deirdre Dixon a Life Member of the Sandgate-Redcliffe District Cricket Club. The following points highlight some of Deirdre's life at the Club:-

  • She started at the club serving lunches to the players during Country Week at Christmas 1969
  • Her father Theo was on the management committee and her mother Noreen was an active volunteer on the Women's Committee. Her brother Gary and father Theo also played for the club alongside her future husband Graham and brother-in-law Ken.
  • The club ran two canteens at this stage, these being in a wooden shed which was next to the machinery shed and the other was located in the brick dressing block on No2 oval.
  • The Women's committee catered for all club matches, Past v Present matches, Country Week Carnival to 1979, Australia Day Carnival to 1976 and country team events.
  • Deirdre was elected onto the Women's Committee in 1973
  • She helped sell lucky envelopes and purchase prizes which was held at Sandgate Shopping Centre outside "Barrys" from 1973 to 1976.
  • She was part of the campaign to raise $100,000 for the new clubhouse.
  • The ladies in the canteen made a substantial contribution towards the project.
  • Deidre was elected President of the Ladies Committee from 1976 to present.
  • The club was given the head lease of Albury Oval in 1976 and she helped collect funds from luck number envelopes being conducted in local stores.
  • She also conducted lamington drives, post match bbq's, pie drives, Tupperware parties, fashion parades and street stalls.
  • In 1980 the club commenced raffles at the Bracken Ridge Tavern and she arranged prizes to be won each week
  • She was also involved with running a flea market at Bracken Ridge as well as selling tickets for several Sportsman's and Trophy nights held by the club for many years.
  • Has been an active member in helping with catering needs of various schoolboy carnivals, 3-a-side carnivals, 6-a-side carnivals and the National  Under 17 & 19 carnivals.
  • Helped with the repayment of a bank loan to outfit the kitchen in the new clubhouse.
  • In 1990 she was a part of the Ladies Committee that helped fund the new turf practice wicket as well as for the State trials for the Queensland 1st Class team.
  • 1991 saw the increase of cricket played on Sundays (Lords Taverners and One Day Cricket) therefore increasing her commitement to the canteen.
  • With the rapidly growing development of the club, the canteen was required to be opened earlier because of junior cricket, have-a go program, women's cricket and the extended hours of 1st and 2nd grades.